Burundi - PIPES International

In Burundi, PIPES Ministry partners with BCOM Ministry to extend its mission to diverse communities, churches, and vulnerable populations. We address the plight of indigenous and vulnerable people to assist them in moving from a place of dependence to socioeconomic security and dignity.

Batwa Community Development

We empower families and communities to farm and start small business. We have witnessed families move from beggars to responsible citizens by supporting small businesses, helping with farming techniques, and providing quality seeds. This collaborative effort, conducted in partnership BCOM Ministry, uplifts vulnerable communities and fosters economic self-sufficiency.

Soap Production Initiative

One successful initiative is the soap-making project, which supports many families and stabilizes them economically. It is inspiring to see families become economically independent instead of depending on handouts. Today, hundreds of families make soap in their homes to use and sell surplus in neighboring villages and towns to get some income for food and medical needs. We plan to scale this initiative to other nations.

Helping Hands, Healing Feet.

Jiggers, known as Tunga penetrans or chigoe fleas, are parasitic in most tropical and sub-tropical climates. It is a menace that affects many children and adults who live in impoverished areas in Africa. The infestation is localized in the feet and hands, causing severe difficulty walking and reducing the infected person's ability to work normally

Jigger treatment and prevention.

To successfully fight the jigger menace and other health related challenges, we use a mufti-sectoral approach, and active community involvement and participation are also necessary to identify and address the underlying causes of jigger infestation among the affected households in the area.
We have developed a manual which is available for use in any community.