Pakistan - PIPES International

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is 96% Muslim and 1.27% Christian. The majority of Christians, the minority live in poverty and are persecuted under Pakistan's blasphemy laws, which carry a possible death sentence. Apart from sharing the gospel in Pakistan, we are heavily involved in empowering Christians to tackle their challenges. We support in children's education, train women in sewing skills, and support local missionaries to minister in their context.
PIPES is committed to fulfilling the great commission and God has called us to preach the good news and disciple the Christians. God has called us to give hope, stability and dignity to those persecuted. PIPES has published a discipleship book which is translate in Urdu to help Christians grow and be rooted in their faith. There are several discipleship classes going on and Christians are committed to studying the word of God.

Disaster management.

Pakistan faces high disaster risk levels. This risk is driven mostly by the nation’s exposure to earthquakes and risk of internal conflict. There is also high exposure to flooding and drought. PIPES has responded in these disasters by providing food and other essentials during disaster.

Supporting Education in Pakistan

The majority of Pakistan's Christians are from low-caste. They are disadvantaged for their faith and their low caste. Many of their children have no access to education. PIPES supports schools and offers sponsorship for needy children to get quality education.


Being rooted in Christ.