Kenya - PIPES International

One of the countries we serve in East Africa is Kenya. We are currently invested among the indigenous Maasai of Kenya serving to bring holistic transformation in this community. The Maasai tribe is an indigenous ethnic group found in Kenya and Tanzania. The Maasai people keep cattle, which make up the primary source of food. In their traditional belief, the more cattle and children one has, the wealthier one is. A Maasai myth says that God afforded them all the cattle on earth and they are very proud of this important resource. 
Short History of the Maasai Community.
Maasai people are semi-nomadic and travel from place to place, looking for green pastures and water for their livestock. The Maasai have held on to distinct traditions, customs, and dress codes. They wrap a leso (shuka) cloth around the body. The older generation firmly holds to old customs even though younger generations have dropped some customs, especially on dress codes. Their population is about 900,000.

The Maasai tribe lives in traditionally made houses called Manyattas. They use local materials to construct their houses. The houses are either circular or loaf-shaped and are predominantly built by women. Their villages are enveloped in a circular fence built by the men to protect their cattle at night from wild animals.
The Maasai community is firmly patriarchal. Men lead the families and make the decisions. The Maasai people are monotheistic and believe in their God called "Engai or Enkai," who lives in the mountain. They love music.
PIPES started engaging with the Maasai community in 2020 in holistic transforming. Our staff engage with the community daily training them and establishing saving groups, creating health awareness on hygiene and sanitation, and discipling those who want to grow their faith in Christ.  

PIPES International is establishing a Maasai Mission Center (MMC), a center of excellence for holistic transformation of the community. We will train locals on modern farming methods, leadership skills, and empower community leaders to help them transform their communities.

Soccer Tournament

Each community has a unique context. Empowering youth among the Maasai people is critical as men make most decisions. To transform the youth, we initiated soccer tournaments, a game loved in this community like the rest of Kenya. Through this tournament we discuss topics affecting young people, empower them to succeed in school and teach them the Bible.