USA - PIPES International

PIPES organizes mission trips involving young people where they are given opportunities to travel and participate in empowering their peers. We've organized youth trips to Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya, where young people have participated. The youth interact, learn from each other, and transfer skills to each other. They teach English and organize VBS, career fairs, and mentorship programs. 
Youth mentorship program.

Today, young people are facing many challenges and struggles, making it difficult to make informed decisions. There is a need for young people to be equipped and mentored to be able to confront the challenges and struggles they face in life. PIPES International invests in young people through mentorship programs.

Pizza Night-Food, Fun, and Fellowship.

We organize pizza nights where young people gather for food, fun, and fellowship. During their interaction and fellowship, youth share their challenges and discuss how to overcome them. We also use the occasion to study God's word and equip young people spiritually. 

Church Partnerships

We engage the church to take action to tackle poverty among indigenous people groups. Churches are found worldwide and play a significant role in community transformation. We share stories and help the church take action to solve the world's challenges. Churches use their resources and skills to impact those in need.