PIPES Leadership

Staff & Partners
PIPES leadership team consists of highly dedicated men and women from diverse backgrounds of cultural origins and careers.

Samuel Mwangi

Founder & Executive Director
Samuel founded PIPES International in 2011. Samuel and his wife, Esther, have transformed thousands of lives through education, economic development, and discipleship. Samuel has a wealth of experience in community and economic development work in Africa and the United States. As the executive director, he provides strategic leadership and creates a community of leaders through equipping and training staff and partners.

Esther Mwangi

Co-Founder & Operate Manager 
Esther is a Co-founder of PIPES International. She is an accountant and pursuing a master's degree in Transformational Leadership. Esther utilizes her skills to manage PIPES International's operations, including managing the organization's income and expenditure, overseeing employees' payroll, and compliance with relevant government bodies.

Isaac Maina

Programs Director, Africa
Isaac serves PIPES International as Programs Director for Africa. His duties include the responsibility of coordinating and overseeing the ongoing programs and projects in multiple countries in Africa. His heart for the Lord and for people is clearly seen in his actions and words. Isaac is a man of love and passion and a true friend to all who cross his path.

Victor Sirdar

Programs Director, Asia
Victor is a native of Pakistan and no stranger to the dangers of the mission field. He is widely travelled and has ministered in multiple countries. He has coordinated PIPES programs in Asia since 2016. Victor is passionate in seeing his community thrive economically and spiritually. He translated the Discipleship Pathway Workbook into Urdu. 

Stuart Isaac HARRIER

Marketing and Communications Director
Host of THE PIPELINE Podcast, international photographer, minister of music, and graphic designer, Stuart Isaac Harrier wears many hats within his role at PIPES International. His love for people and serving those in need is evident in how he ministers and serves. Married to his wife, Stuart and Vesta seek to serve the Lord as international missionaries in Africa and beyond.

Jane Kamuya

Programs Coordinator, Kajiado, Kenya
Jane worked in a Kenyan university and as a civil servant in Kenyan government. When she joined PIPES, she spent over a year in the mission field in Rwanda. She had built relationships with the Maasai women and community where she now works as PIPES coordinator in Kajiado county. She has established savings and Bible studies groups among Maasai women. She continues to advocate against early marriages and FGM among Maasai girls. 

Bernard Kambale

Programs Director, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Bernards relationship with the Pygmy people over the years has been an incredible blessing to advancing God's kingdom. It is hard to say just how vital Pastor Bernard is to the ongoing mission activities in the DRC. As our implementing partner, he helped establish a school with 700 children and now overseeing the construction of PIPES second school on Idjwi Island. 


Programs Director, Burundi
Through her local BCOM organization, Jane Kamau coordinates PIPES International programs in Burundi. Through her efforts, PIPES is helping hundreds of families with modern farming methods, seeds, and tools to enable them to increase their harvest significantly. She has also advanced our jigger treatment and prevention project. Jane and her husband, Bernard, visit cancer patients weekly and provide a meal for them.


Programs Coordinator, Rwanda
Programs Coordinator, Rwanda
Bishop Joseph coordinates PIPES programs in Rwanda. Since 2018 when we identified the indigenous Rwanda people, Bishop Joseph has advanced the program in Ruduha and Kigali mountains. Through his efforts, we've assisted families with farming skills, seeds, and tools. We have also supported families with healthcare coverage. In 2022 PIPES purchased a property and helped establish a place of worship for the indigenous people in Ruduha village.