Rwanda - PIPES International

In Rwanda, we create income-generating pathways for indigenous and vulnerable groups through farming, sewing skills, the provision of sewing machines, and training locals on small business ventures.

Farming: Rabbit and Crop Farming

In Rwanda, PIPES facilitates economic empowerment within the Batwa community by supporting farming initiatives. Most rural people in Rwanda are peasant farmers, but the indigenous Batwa lack seeds and manure. At the inception of the farming program, we supported Ruduha village with rabbits and rabbit cages.

Sewing Skills

In 2020, we established our first sewing school in Rwanda in partnership with a local church. (Victory Churches of Rwanda). The school offers sewing skills to indigenous people groups. We've graduated nine students and twenty ladies, offering vocational training with sewing machines. The school has 20 women excited to earn and make dresses and uniforms for their children. We also provide graduates with sewing machines, for which they pay a small monthly fee.

Evangelism and Discipleship

PIPES collaborates closely with local churches, including Victory Churches of Rwanda, to conduct comprehensive training programs. These programs target pastors, church leaders, and congregants, focusing on evangelism and discipleship. The ministry employs its educational materials and other valuable resources for the training.