Discipleship and Evangelism

At PIPES, our approach is a holistic transformation of children, families, and communities that address physical and spiritual needs. We empower and support local leaders and communities to identify their challenges and drive the desired change process. We acknowledge that the most incredible seed we can plant is God's word, and the greatest hope we can give is the hope of eternal life.

We invite you to help us mobilize churches for ministry and educate future leaders.

We, therefore, share God's love and disciple believers to be rooted in Christ. Every day at PIPES, we see God's hand among the communities we serve. A pygmy child attending school for the first time, a family moving out of poverty, and a non-believer acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord. We make disciples who make disciples. 
Jesus called his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Paul charged Timothy to make disciples who would make other disciples. 2 Timothy 2: 2 says, "And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." We believe in helping people follow Christ and grow their faith in Him. Therefore, we continually partner with and empower local churches to grow disciples of Christ in their communities. We help develop relevant discipleship materials used in the local context and translated into local languages and available in our resources.


For us, discipleship is intentionally coming alongside another person, starting from where they are spiritually and sharing God’s love with them in ways you think will resonate. It may be praying together, studying the Bible, spending quality time through coffee, or walking in the park.

Strengthening the church to impact the community. Kajiji village, Kenya

The Discipleship Pathway Workbook is translated into eight languages and used in six countries. One church in a small village in Kenya (Kanjinji village) grew from 40 members in 2020 to 100 members in 2022 as the church practically moved into the action of what they learned in the discipleship program. We have also developed an evangelism booklet that multiple churches have used to evangelize their communities.

International Mission Trips

We train mission participants to undertake integral ministry. Key to our strategy is to mentor young people to undertake mission trips and prepare them for intercultural ministry. Over the years, mission groups from the United States, Africa, and Asia have ministered together to enhance cross-cultural learning.Our missionaries are artists, teachers, nurses, doctors, evangelists, pastors, farmers, counselors, accountants, administrators, and more. We work with your passion so that you can find your role in the mission field and thus fulfill your God-given purpose. Our work connects missionaries to opportunities among indigenous and unreached people groups. We have given over 300 short- and long-term missionary opportunities since 2011.