Celebrating 12 Years of Transforming Lives

PIPES International serves indigenous and vulnerable people groups across the globe. We are currently focused on Kenya, DR Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Pakistan, and the United States.

What we do

We are persistent in driving change to advance children's education, women's empowerment, and community and economic development. We believe in transforming whole communities - one family at a time.


Our dream is to see indigenous and vulnerable people living in extreme poverty empowered to thrive and be stable economically.


Our discipleship mandate is guided by the great commission where Jesus sent out His disciples to go and make disciples of all Nations (Matthew 28:18-20).


Education is a powerful tool for social and economic empowerment. It presents the most potent tool to bridge inequality and foster a thriving society.

Our mission is to partner with indigenous peoples to make disciples and end poverty.

We partner with communities empowering and supporting them to address their needs.

We believe in transforming whole communities, one family at a time. We address the physical and spiritual needs of the communities that we serve.

Giving a gift of any amount allows the ministry of PIPES International to empower and transform families and communities.

PIPES International is the bridge that will enable you to reach people that you cannot reach individually and change their debilitating circumstances.

Find out how PIPES International impacts indigenous communities living in poverty in some of the world's poorest nations.