Empowering Women Through Sewing Skills

Women in rural African communities play a significant role in providing for their families. We have witnessed indigenous women working so hard for so little, thus struggling to feed their families.
In Rwanda, PIPES resolved to empower these women through training and initiating small businesses. Due to their low education level, vocational training was appropriate for them. PIPES is partnering with local churches in Rwanda, Burundi, and Pakistan to train women in dressmaking and tailoring.
We now have four schools in Rwanda, Burundi, and Pakistan. About 50 students are studying in these schools. So far, we have graduated over 60 students who are using their skills to earn a living and support their families. It's exciting to see women without hope transitioning to businesswomen and seeking suitable employment.

A New frontier-Burundi Sewing School

In November 2022, we initiated a new project in Burundi to empower women through sewing skills. The pilot project started with ten women due to graduate in November after an hour of hard work.

Empowering those with the greatest need. Most women in Pakistan are restricted to stay at home. They  rely on their families for support. Through empowerment, we are increasing the labor force and gender equality.

So far, we have graduated over 50 students in Pakistan. They now use their skills to earn a living and feed their families.