Economic Empowerment Opportunities

Women in rural African communities play a significant role in providing for their families. We have witnessed indigenous women working so hard for so little, thus struggling to feed their families.
PIPES International resolved to empower these women through training and initiating small businesses. Since many of them are uneducated, vocational training was appropriate for them. In Burundi, we are training women on dressmaking and tailoring.
In addition, we empower families and communities farm and start small business. We have witnessed families move from beggars to responsible citizens by supporting small businesses, helping with farming techniques, and providing quality seeds. Our training encompasses skills such as soap making, bead crafting, and entrepreneurship. By providing the necessary knowledge and minimal capital, the ministry empowers these individuals to establish sustainable businesses. This collaborative effort, conducted in partnership BCOM Ministry, uplifts vulnerable communities and fosters economic self-sufficiency.


We address the plight of indigenous and vulnerable people to assist them in moving from a place of dependence to socioeconomic security and dignity. In Burundi, one successful initiative is the soap-making project, which supports many families and stabilizes them economically. It is inspiring to see families become economically independent instead of depending on handouts. Today, hundreds of families make soap in their homes to use and sell surplus in neighboring villages and towns to get some income for food and medical needs. We plan to scale this initiative to other nations.