The Jogi

The Jogi people of Pakistan are historically an indigenous and landless community who have been reduced to beggars. Most Jogi people are Muslim, and some are Hindu.

Jogi's primary income sources include snake charming, traditional medicine practice, and begging. As an occupation, they play musical instruments to attract snakes from bushes, and they catch them. People come to watch them catch snakes and donate to the Snakes Charmers. They believe snake charming is an innate skill they pass on from generation to generation. The older generation of Jogi still practices snake charming, while younger generations are not as enthusiastic. Jogi people also remove evil spirits from those affected and who seek their services.

PIPES International is working with the Jogi people settled on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. We've conducted several meetings in this community. Today, there are very few Christians, and we've initiated a discipleship program among them.

We continue to pray that God reveals himself to the Jogi community. As a ministry, we ask for prayers as our team in Pakistan continues to reach out to this unreached community.